Thursday, October 29, 2009

A picture is worth...

...four pieces of chocolate and a kitten's spleen.

Seriously though, I find pictures to be so inspirational. Which is weird, because I usually have a hard time writing off of picture prompts (say for contests or whatever). Instead, I tend to just see pictures that inspire me and sort of try to emulate them in my writing. And very often, it's the caption to the picture that inspires me as much as the picture.

For instance, one of my rare bouts of poetry (and even an attempt at a series  of poems) was inspired by this photo and this photo in tandem. (Along with many of this user's other photos. Beautiful things they are.)

I was reading blog archives of mine from years ago and I did a lot of writing back then. Like, practically essays on things that were bothering me at the time or whatever. I want to do that some more. I was inspired by some videos lately that were pretty much random, but were just somehow so inspiring. It was like flash fiction in video form. That and vloggers. Something about vloggers inspired me. Maybe bloggers would too. I don't read many blogs outside of YWS. *ashamed*

Anyway, I want to try and go back to that idea of writing essays quite frequently, along with more flash fiction and whatnot. I think it would be good for me to write more (outside of blogging) and experiment a lot, rather than worrying about a long project. Maybe even allow myself to be a little random.

Call it "personal growth".

There are still days I want to take up photography and portrait shooting though. Too bad I don't know any friends who would model for me... All of my friends feign fear of the camera unless they are in the stupidest pose possible.

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