Thursday, July 8, 2010

Writing magazines...

I was given a subscription to Writer's Digest as a gift a while back and it just expired last month. I was always excited to open the mailbox and find my copy of WD, but I can't say it always "spoke" to me as a writer. I think this might be a) because I'm not in the market trying to publish right now and b) it is not a discussion.

I have never tested the publishing waters, so I can't even say whether any of the dozens of articles of advice on the subject in WD will help me down the line. I'm only interested in the writing aspect of writing right now. Even reading interviews with authors, I tended to skip their "how I made my big break" stories, preferring to read their methods or silly little anecdotes. Not to say I never want to be published, but the columns and columns of publishing "how-to" is not what I want right now.

Instead, I've recently rediscovered the amazingness of writers' blogs. Besides being mildly obsessed with Two Swords, One Pen right now and trawling through some recent recommendations made to me, I've been searching lately for writers' blogs. Not necessarily published author's blogs (though not necessarily not), just people who enjoy the craft of writing.

I enjoy reading people's trials, tribulations and successes in their writing. I enjoy reading their musings about elements of writing. I enjoy reading the ramblings of a writer who can't seem to find the words to describe a particular concept and so forces me to try and put my own words to it.

I think I've been spoiled on Young Writers Society with its vast community constantly teaching one another. Rather than someone coming down all high and mighty to instruct us lowly scribblers on how to do something, I much prefer a group of people hashing it all out together. You don't have to take any one person's method as absolute, but can glean and modify it all.

I enjoy the discussion almost as much as the solution. And I love reading about writing. So, as much as I did enjoy digging into my latest copy of WD, I don't think I'll be renewing my subscription. I think it's time for some hardcore blog searching.

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