Wednesday, October 6, 2010


NaNo is a special time for me. It has a special feeling, much like summer or the Christmas season have their own particular feeling. NaNo is filled with anticipation, crazy late nights, music, left-over Halloween candy, and slightly runny noses in chilly libraries.

I listen to a lot of music around NaNo. Unusual amounts of music, most in genres that I don't typically listen to. Pandora and the NaNo CD Swap contribute a lot of new music and while I don't always listen to all of it again in the future, it creates a special atmosphere for NaNo, taking me a bit out of my comfort zone and putting me in a different mindset. As I type this, I'm listening to a CD from last year's swap. A lot of really really long songs, some with vocals, but most sort of atmospheric. Would I jam to it in the car? No. Is it great music to get me to different places in my writing? Sure. And then there are always the gems that make their way into my permanent playlists. I'm probably going to end up with so many soundtracks on my playlists, as I've recently become obsessed with them, even a bit before this NaNo atmosphere began to settle in.

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