Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Procrastination, thy name is Pre-NaNo...

I should be writing an English paper and analyzing the legal uses of marijuana for Biology. What am I doing instead? Pre-NaNo stuff!

If you haven't already seen the pep talk list for this year's NaNo, looky-look!

I've been decking out my NaNo profile, with actual novel info and the like. It's hard to do when you suck at summaries and titles. City of Glass Eggs is a temp title because I like the words "glass" and "eggs".

This is so cool. You know how you do Advent Calenders for Christmas? Here's one for NaNo! I want to make one so badly, but I'm not sure what I'd put in it.

Pandora not work in your country? Try Groove Shark! In some ways, better than Pandora because you can not only have a radio station playing music related to the music you like, you can actually create playlists and play specific songs that you want when you want them (which Pandora doesn't let you do).

Need a punchy title?  Every time I get a good one I want to change my NaNo idea just to fit that title.

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  1. City of Glass Eggs is way cooler than my melodramatic A Glimpse of Another Shore. But i had to stick something in there to be elligible for the 30 days 30 covers deal