Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's on now...

Omigoodness, just six days (SIX DAYS!) to go until NaNo. *spazflail* I'm so ready for it to start, and yet, so unready.

- I have my wonderful new notebooks and I want to get to using them so badly.

- I might sorta kind maybe have an idea of how the whole thing is going to kick off (involving a first-person narrator and noir-style narration, methinks).

- All this music I've been listening to lately has me itching it create something.

- My novel idea is evolving. That's typical for me and so the shifting of my POV and story focus is par for course for me. It's just... it's changing so much from what I original envisioned. It's disorienting and I'm afraid that it will change drastically again mid-month. Not necessarily a bad thing, but what if the change sucks?

- As evidenced by that foray into whining uncertainty, I haven't quite managed to stifle my inner editor yet.

- Only six days... No time, no time...

But hey, you know what? Bring it.

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