Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's been turning around...

I went from being nearly 5k words behind to being only 1500 words behind, and I'm not done writing for the day. And that's on top of the frame of my bed breaking, necessitating a near-complete rearrangement of my room. And horrible traffic on the way to and from class. Yeah, I'm pretty much awesome.

I meme at you quickly:

Day 9 - Have you told anyone else you’re doing NaNo this year?  Who?  What was their reaction?
Told most of my family, as well as a few friends. I've done NaNo before and told them before, so their reactions were mostly "Oh that thing again". A few friends that had never heard of it before were like "Zomigosh, you're insane" in the most flat monotone possible. General excitement and support. There's a reason I hang out with these people.

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