Thursday, November 4, 2010

Whining is never the answer...

Writing, however, usually is.

Currently, my characters are doing something really stupid. I mean, really stupid. By all rights, they should die right now, that's how stupid what they're doing is. I mean, they're in a situation where the only real outcome should be that they die. I mean, they are professionals. What did they go and do a thing like that for? They knew what they were doing,so why'd they do it?

Yeah, but if they die, I'm not sure how the rest of the characters' situations are going to be resolved. But they really should die. So they might. But they might not.

Anyway, meme time!

Day 2 - What’s the title of your story?  Why did you choose the name you did?
Well, the temp title is City of Glass Eggs, which actually has nothing to do with the projected story at all. I just picked it because my novel has cities in it and glass in it and I like the words "glass" and "eggs". They sound cool. Yeah, other than that, there is no reason and hopefully I'll come up with something better before too long.
Day 3 - Pick one of your female characters.  Introduce your readers to her, from her point of view and her words only.
"I'm Mel."
Day 4 - What genre is your novel?  Why did you pick it?
Erm, the best way I could sum it up would be something like "dystopian fantasy". The premise is "fairies meets zombies" basically, so... yeah. It happened that way because I had an idea once upon a time for a "fae meets girl" story,with a setting possibly in the Seelie Court. Soon afterward, I saw Terminator: Salvation and due to my propensity to emulate other works that I have read, I decided to try to set that story in a post-apocalyptic world. The nuclear fall-out zones would be like the fae's forest and so on and so forth. The zombies came in when I decided that really not-good things happen to the children that the fae kidnap and then forget about.

Anyway, don't have my word count for today yet, but as of yesterday, I was at 5858. On track despite handwriting everything, spending way too much time listening to music for the NaNo CD swap and having had a really bad day yesterday.


  1. Wow, you're also a NaNo participant here? Cool! But what's all these day 2, day 3, and day 4 questions? I don't know there're questions like these in NaNo. Do I miss something?

    By the way, what's your NaNo username?

  2. The "Day #" questions are from a NaNoWriMo meme I found on the interwebs that I decided to participate in because it's good procrastination material:

    NaNo username: GryphonFledgling