Monday, November 8, 2010

Turn around, baby, turn around...

Yes, I intend to turn around my progress for NaNo. Really quickly.

Barely wrote a word over the weekend. I blame work and sleep. Also head colds. Seriously, never feel really happy about how you're the only person in your family who hasn't been sick yet. You will immediately get kicked in the head with congestion. Like, literally, within hours. And you will suffer through your shift at work and then immediately go home and crash.

So yeah.

Currently, I'm not sure what my total word count is. Last official typed up count is 7491, but there's some more to be typed up after that. Needless to say, however, I'm still behind by a bit. But I intend to change that with some hardcore writing today (while dosed up with painkillers and decongestant, so we'll see how that goes) and tomorrow's write-in.

Did take the time to write up about a page of rambling for my princess hedgehog story and it's going to sit on the back burner until December methinks. Or I might use it a bit as rewards for myself after reaching word count goals: "Make it this far and you can dabble in another story for a while." Bribing, even bribing yourself, works wonders.

To continue this brief stint of procrastination, however:

Day 7 - Where’s your favorite place to hunker down and write?
My bed. Seriously, with my notebook, I can be laying on my side and writing comfortably up near my head. It lets me nap - er, I mean write without having to expend much energy. Yay for laziness! Plus there are blankets and since I am in the basement and it is the middle of fall, it's one of the warmest places I could be most of the time.
Day 8 -List your current, most up-to-date word count.  Are you satisfied with your progress thus far?
Listed above: 7491 is my most current offical count. And no. No, I'm not.

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