Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No internet access for the win...

Yes, I missed blogging here yesterday. I did, however, actually write a blog entry. It was just for somewhere else. I posted it there and updated my word count. And then my laptop died.

It's what comes of letting your brother use your laptop for over an hour at a write-in with no outlet access and then not being able to charge it until the next day.

Yes, I went to my first write-in last night and it was marvelous. Barring the lack of outlets in our corner of teh bookstore (which didn't really bother me, seeing as how I am trying to entirely handwrite this year's novel... my hand weeps), it was really great. The Christmas music was odd (I mean, just two days after Halloween, and they played two Muppet versions of Christmas carols within an hour of each other), but somehow it really got me in a writing mood. The little spurts of conversation followed by periods of silent writing were something I've never done before. It was nice.

The best moment was right at the beginning when I arrived. I sat down and there was still the awkward atmosphere brought on by a strange newcomer when I accidentally ripped the ribbon bookmark from my notebook. It apparently just hadn't been glued on very well, since it just came out with no damage to the book itself.

The instant outpouring of genuine sympathy was amazing. I had five people, complete strangers all, commiserating and reassuring me that it was okay to feel the loss keenly, since writerly bling is precious.

It was wonderful. And to make up for the loss of my cheap ribbon, I got a priceless NaNoWriMo bookmark provided by the lovely OLL for write-in locations around the world. I luffs it.

Current wordcount (without having written yet today at all): 4247

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