Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back it up, back it up...

It's always a tragedy when you lose writing.

Well, I don't think I've actually lost it, or if anything, all I've really lost were some school papers. At least, I think that's it...

Yes, I lost a flash drive that I was trying to back up.

The moral of the story is: back up the files before you lose the flash drive!

For real, it's a good idea to back up frequently, with one copy on your computer and another on something like a flash drive or external harddrive. I even back up some files (should do more, but I've been busy) on Google Docs, just in case (plus, then they are accessible from any computer with internet if I manage to leave my flash drive somewhere!).

The good news is that the reason I realized I was missing this flash drive is because I bought myself a new one. A shiny 8 GB flash drive, as opposed to the 2 GB I had before. I put every single text file from both my old computer and my new computer onto it and I still have over 6 GB left. Amazing. (I haven't transferred pics/music/video yet, but I think those are going on my external harddrive anyway.)

Anyway, a day of shop talk here. Though, on the subject of writerly bling, I bought myself a messenger bag today that has the most perfectly situated compartments ever! Perhaps there will be pics in the future...


  1. My computer recently crashed. A flashdrive saved my life. Luckily the hard drive was fine, so when I got a new computer I had everything. Just lost a few emails.

  2. Nice. During last year's NaNo, I actually thought at one point that I'd lost something like 5 chapters! It worked out that I hadn't (just sort of saved them in a different folder than I had thought *sheepish*) but there were several days of serious panic.