Friday, January 14, 2011

Feel the love...

So, today, I opened my e-mail. In it was a notification for a lovely response to my last post from the lovely Trisha. I read it, smiled, then did a double take because, at the bottom, in what I had initially taken to be some sort of signiature at the bottom of the e-mail, were the words: "You have an award here."

Not quite, seeing as how I wasn't grumpy to begin with and I didn't quite "LOL", but you get the basic idea. Plus, hedgehog! 

Indeed, I received an award for my versatile blogging! Which surprised me, since I consider this a Johnny One-Note blog about writing, but hey, I guess there are many parts to writing! Plus, my nerddom covers many fields. 


The rules of the award are:

  1. Share 7 things about yourself.
  2. Pass the award to 15 bloggers recently discovered.
  3. Notify the blogger recipients.
  4. Link to the blogger who gave the award.

Okay, here we go...

  1. I have a strange phobia of mirrors. Not really of looking at myself in them or anything, but I'm sort of strangely paranoid about being watched out of my mirrors. Of course, with my history of favorite entertainment (Labyrinth, Phantom of the Opera, and many other books and movies) this is probably not too surprising. 
  2. When I was little, like eight or so, I wanted to be an archeologist.Before that, I had wanted to be an artist, so for a little while, I reconciled those two by wanting to be an illustrator for archeology books. 
  3. My first introduction to Batman was from a few episodes of the show in the 60's that my parents had taped at the end of a tape with a Disney Christmas special on it. I didn't even know it was on there until one night when I finished watching Lady and the Tramp and was sitting there waiting for the tape to run out (I don't know... I was a strange child). The first one was the episode with the lady magician robbing the bank and falling in love with Batman. "Suspended over a... Holy birthday cake!"
  4. I've never drunk a cup of coffee in my life (unless you count one iced coffee slurpee-type thing once because it was free and I didn't want to be rude) and I don't plan to. First, I'm super-caffeine-sensitive and I get shaky after I drink just a soda, and second, I don't like the taste at all.
  5. I love the idea of cufflinks for some reason and was always jealous of guys for getting to wear them (I blame the Disney version of Peter Pan, what with how Mr. Darling was looking for his cufflinks in the beginning). 
  6. I used to be terrified of 80's fantasy movies and the effects therein. Now, they are some of my favorite movies and effects.
  7. I've never read an unabridged version of any Dickens and only one abridged version of Oliver Twist.
And as for who I would bestow this award upon...

  1. Thinking Caps on Chaps by Jon
  2. Holy Nerd-Blog Batman! by CaligulaBob
  3. Aimée "The Great" by Aimée "The Great"
  4. The Thought Process by A.L.Maddix
  5. Don't Shake the Flask by syaffolee
  6. Breaking Into My Shell... by Nicole
  7. The Ink Ribbon Writer by Suzanne
  8. 8-Bit Words by Liz Pezzuto
  9. Working Title by Erin Millar
  10. leo fair by Leo Fair
  11. At the Iron Hill by Conrad Rice
  12. Compulsive Creativity by theinsomniakid
  13. Falen Formulates Fiction by Sarah Ahiers
  14. Musings of a Procrastinating Author by Mildred
  15. Enthusiasm Shoppe by Pumpkinhead
And there you have it. 


  1. :D Yay, it was fun reading this :)

    And yayyyy, Labyrinth FTW!! :D

    gonna check out some of these blogs.

  2. yay! Thanks so much! I will add it to my awards page.
    And i agree with Trisha - Labyrinth FTW