Sunday, January 2, 2011


So I have a new notebook for this year and I love it so far (unlike a certain purple velvet affair... *shudders*). But the trouble with a writing notebook is that I'm never quite sure what all to put in it. Inevitably, if I muse all the time in it, I will lose valuable story information from my current project in the wells of other general rambling and angsting. However, if I don't muse there, where am I supposed to muse and what would be the point of having a notebook? It's a fine line.

As is, I'm musing everywhere, collecting looseleaf in a folder specifically labelled for my hedgehog process and making notes to myself in both folder and notebook about what's in the other one so that I can reference back and forth. Probably will be hectic and irritating in the future, but like I said at the beginning of December, the goal for this year is "collected", not necessarily "organized".

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