Monday, January 24, 2011


It's funny how ideas evolve. And sometimes devolve.

For real, my character of Rat is going through quite a lot of changes lately. She started out as sort of a bitter old man, unsatisfied with his lot in life. Then he turned into a bitter young man, a sort of incompetent student convinced he was more talented than he really was. Then he became a she, not even a student at all, but convinced that she was just as good as the men who were refusing to let her join them. Now she's sort of gone back to the original idea, becoming a bitter older woman, closer to the knight's age than she was, and unsatisfied with her lot in life, helping the knight and the hedgehog more out of boredom and to prove to her peers that she actually can, more than out of any real compassion.

It's strange how a character can go through stages of development like that, eventually coming full circle back to the original idea. It shows how sometimes you shouldn't second-guess yourself, or at least be willing to accept that the second-guess wasn't as good as the first idea.

Though, who's to say it won't change again? Ah, writing.

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