Monday, December 13, 2010

The untruth of this is truly untruthful...

I lied.

In this post, the very first post of Reverb, I said that I hadn't completed anything in 2010 besides NaNo (and now my short story for Creative Writing).

That's not true.

Trawling through my flashdrive at the end of the semester, throwing away temporary files and multiple copies of assignments, I'm finding papers and projects that I did all throughout the year. Completed papers and projects.

Now granted, they weren't necessarily things I wanted to be working on, and they are nearly all non-fiction, but I was writing. I did finish stuff. And, reading an essay I wrote for History this spring, it was stuff that I'm proud of. I might not have liked doing it at the time, but reading over it now, I like it. I feel smart and writerly and bold, like I can actually accomplish something. And I have a lot of it.

Yay me.

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